Preorder: 中秋节(立体书)Mid Autumn Festival (Pop-up Books)

Preorder: 中秋节(立体书)Mid Autumn Festival (Pop-up Books)

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适合:3 – 10岁。本书设计了互动游戏,讲述了中秋节的起源和各种传统习俗。(预购)

Suggested Age Group: 3 – 10 years old. The book has interactive games to tell the story of the origin of Mid-Autumn Festival and its traditional customs. (Pre-order)




Story Description:

This picture book combines stories and introduces the relevant cultural knowledge of the origin, customs and food of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The book is interactive with three-dimensional pictures to engage the children. The book is closely related to the theme of the reunion, which reflects the cultural core of the Mid-Autumn Festival.



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